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Friday, April 06, 2007

My new look!

Ok this has nothing to do with my designs - since I have a really hard time scrapping with my own kits, LOL! That's why I need all you guys! BUT I thought you might like to see what I look like - check out my "short" hairstyle!

Love Always Paper - Background - by Erica Hite - Scrapgirls.
Blue frame is from Tracy Ann Robinson's 26 Collection - Byron.
Blue beads are by Faith True - Adeline.
Butterfly from Jen Wilson.
Scrap of paper and Hair clip from Creating Beauty by Weeds & Wildflowers.
Ribbon Riders by Natalie Braxton.

Fonts are Pea Nicole, Rough Draft and Britannic Bold.


schmoopie said...

You look absolutely stunning!!!

Leah said...

You look great! Love the new hairstyle, Donna.

LVMommy22 said...

your new hair style looks great!
:) M

MaisieD said...

Love the haircut!Looks really cute.