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Monday, April 23, 2007

OK I am back...

But I am SICK!! ACK! Since last Wednesday. Yes on my VACATION...eewwww...started with a sore throat and then a cough and runny nose...the whole 9 yards...and then taking the plane home on Saturday was JUST NOT FUN!

Just came back from the doctors and I have a sinus infection and an ear infection. NOT good at all. I guess the pressure from the plane forced the head cold into my ears. And I can't seem to stop coughing. Hopefully a few days on antibiotics will help, with cough medicine at night so I can SLEEP! And the doctor said to stay home from work for a couple more days.

Not posting here to whine (Ok maybe a little) but just to let everyone know I am behind on leaving comments everywhere and my mailbox is crammed! I'll catch up on everything once the medicine starts to work.

I do see that everyone has been busy posting some fabulous LO's and I can't wait to visiti all the forums and leave you some comments!

Anyway we did have some time for some fun, for visiting and fishing, and I did take a few photos before I got sick. Here are some of the beautiful Ozark scenery in Southern Missouri:

The road down to the lake

A view of Norfork lake from the top of our hill

Norfork Lake, early in the morning

Here is our property from the roadside. Mobile home, garage and the larger of the two barns

A view of the pond on our property

Just a landscape shot of the countryside


Cre8tvlyyrsGina said...

Oh that's terrible to be that sick AND have to travel! You poor thing! Just have to add that your photos are so beautiful! Well I hope you get well soon!

Sharon said...

Thats just wrong being sick while on holidays!! Gorgeous photos though.