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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still more Goodies!!

I have two more sets...just released tonight:

Grungy Graphiti ~ Element Set
Lots of grungy tidbits to add on all your pages!

Torn Textures ~ Birthday
This set has been in the works for some time, and I finally got around to finishing it up!

The next couple weeks will be crazy here at the Rafferty house as my boys get ready to go back to school. Henry is 21 now (OMG can he REALLY be 21?) and he will be moving with his girlfriend to and apartment near the college they both attend. First apartment so I'll be loading him up with all our hand me down furniture and kitchen supplies! I will be sad to see him moving out though. It's a big step for both us.

My younger son, Brian is 17 - and this is his senior year of HS. Once Henry moves out of the basement - well, he can't wait to move down there with all his guitars! His old room will be turned into a Library/Den and we'll all have more space. I can finally organize my craft room!

Ok - I'll be sending codes for CT members so you can play with the new items!

Have a wonderful Friday!!!

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MaisieD said...

These are so beautiful,Donna!
You did such an awsome job!