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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer CAN'T be almost over?

But the signs are unmistakable - the mornings have a bit of a chill to them these days! I see a hint of color to some of the leaves in the trees, and a sure sign the other day - a bright yellow school bus!

NOTE: IF YOU ARRIVED HERE FROM DIGIFREE...The search engine listed the wrong preview for the Spiritual Journey gift---There is a FREEBIE though, scroll to the end of my post!

Where does the time go? As sad as I am to say goodbye to the warm and laid back summer days, I greet autumn with open arms! I love fall - with it's glorious colors and fun festivals. Pumpkins and apple cider, bonfires and sweatshirts, hiking and riding our ATVS. If only fall could last forever!

We have been so busy this summer. Now that the house and deck are finished, I have a couple gardens left to re-dig and plant. I bought two Knockout Rose bushes for the corner of the deck. I have heard so many good things about these, and how easy they are to care for.


We have also been trying to prepare my younger son Brian (18) to get his driver's license. He took the Driver Ed. classes, but at the end the instructor said he needs way more practice. So we drove...and drove...and drove. Finally he went for his road test two weeks ago...and failed :(

The poor guy - we were both so dissapointed. I thought he did really well, I thought he passed. Before we even started, the examiner said there was a sign that 30% of the applicants miss - so I was looking, and I thought it was a yield sign and Brian did stop, and then made the turn so I figured that was it.

Turns out it was actually a 25MPH sign right after one of the first turns - and Brian was going 30 mph. I never saw it either. I had to ask the examiner where it was and then we went and looked after the test. It's in the bushes! DUH - maybe people could see it if they TRIMMED the branches!!! Anyway he also forgot his directional when he did his 3-point turn and I didn't pick up on that either. So we came home and made another appointment right away - for last Monday. Hank took the day off work to take Brian back for his second test. I was such a nervous wreck the whole time, I didn't think I could stand it again!

This time they FAILED MY VEHICLE! They said the emergency brake would not hold, and that he could not use my SUV to take the test! WHAT!??! - it was fine 5 days ago? He used tthe same vehicle to take the test then. This was a different examiner, and just got out of the car and walked back into the building.

So mad at them ##^$^&*%**! Charged another $20 fee for nothing! There is NOTHING wrong with the brake, and everything passes inspection so what is UP WITH THESE PEOPLE?

So now we have to wait for the Driving school to take in in their car (they are on vacation for a week) Pay $50 for that and another $20 fee. It's not so much the money, but Brian is so dissapointed, he already has a car, and we are supposed to get him registered at the Community College next week - but until he has a way to get there (his license)he can't get a job or start school. I know he feels like his whole life is on hold, and he is getting so depressed.

I know it's just a matter of time and patience. If he has to, he can start college a semester later, after Christmas, but to him it's a huge deal. And of course all his friends know he didn't get his license. So it's been a very stressful and frustrating few weeks. Of course Once he does get his license I'll be worried every time he leaves the driveway! Once the kids are past 18, the worries are still there, only bigger!

All I can do is love them immensely and pray for them every day!

End of RANT zone!

I did manage to get a little scrapping done. I won this awesome kit from SherrieJD @ Tangie Baxter Designs. She has the most WONDERFUL vintage designs!

WoHOO!!! THANK YOU Sherrie! It was perfect for a LO about our Kitchen Makeover!

Link to her kit: Kitschy Kitchen

Credits: All from Kitchen Kitsch by SherrieJD @ Tangie Baxter Designs.Except Bow on Jar is from Jeannette Gaidecki.
Fonts are MCO Hand Stampedand Ck Ali's Writing.

Here are a couple other pages I have made:

This is a photo of Hank from when we were on vacation in Missouri Last year:

Credits: Background and Brown mat are from my new kit, Fall Gathering,available at Plain Digital Wrapper.Worn Photo Overlay from Something Blue Studios.Green tied ribbon, from Verde kit by Alma Townsend. Ivy Leaves By Lisa Whitney - Plum Yum.Torn and folded mat and Word Art by Doris castle - One Fine Day sampler.Photo frame by Nancy Comelab. Zig Zag Stitch by Lisa Whitney.Date Stamp from Vintage Stamp Pad by Clever Crow Designs at Plain Digital Wrapper.Beaded Dragonfly and Glitter Swirl by Lisa Hanks Blue Lace by Jude Reid both from the PDW August Team Kit.Font is Remington.

These photos below are not really that old but I used an awesome photo treatment from Wanokoto Labs on them!

Here is a link to the website:

I just love the effect of the ancient photos!

Credits: Background, Journal, Tied String and Key are from Casual Comfort, my new kit coming soon to Plain Digital Wrapper.Wreath, Bird Stamp and Bittersweet Vine are from Fall Gatherings, available at Plain Digital Wrapper. Magnifying Glass, Tape, Butterfly & Mushroom Stamps are from Into the Woods Field Journal by Clever Crow Designs also at Plain Digital Wrapper. Fonts are MailArt Rubber Stamp, CK Alis Writing and Pea Steph.

Here is Brian in my nephew's hot tub, with his second cousin, Sophie:

Credits: Kit - all about u by Bluebell Scraps Designs.Ticket Stub by Jen Wilson. Swirl is by Bev O'Loughlin from the PDW August Collab. Kit.Word Art - Stripped Words by Kathryn Wilson.

I had fun with blending on this page about a photo of an old family house in Maine:

Credits: Background by Gypsy Couture, overlaid with a background from Bev O'Loughlin, and another by Vera Lim.Knotted ribbon also by Gypsy Couture. Flowers from Genuine freebie by Vera Lim.Old Alpha by April Staker.All but items from Vera Lim are from the PDW August Team Kit available at Plain Digital Wrapper.
Fonts are CK Cursive, MCO hand Stampled and Century Gothic.

Journaling reads: I found a picture of this old house after my Dad passed away.I believe it was one of the houses my stepmom lived in when she was younger. The address sounds familiar to me and I may have visited this house when I was a young child. But now it is just a picture and a distant memory of how much I miss my parents now that they are gone.

Here is my older son, Henry with his friends when he turned 21 last summer. We all went out for Chinese food and his first (legal) drink!

Credits: Background, Stars and Air Plane Word Art by Jen Wilson - Down Home 4th of July.Back ground over laid with another by Michelle Godin - Grunge City GridPhoto Mask by Lynne-Marie Favreau. Notebook Paper by Amy Martin.Comic Strip Frame is by Candy Cook.Granny's Attic Alpha (21) - Designs by Vicki.Glitter from Americana Mini Kit by Heatheranndesigns.Galaxy Overlay by Kirsty Wiseman. Birthday hate by Shabby Miss Jenn.Shabby Brown Overlay is an oldie but goodie from Shabby Princess. Font is Hootie.
It's been SO long since I posted on my blog... I do have a couple new items over at Plain Digital Wrapper:

Link: Fall Gatherings

Link: Casual Comfort

I apologize for taking so long to get the August Spiritual Journey gift done - but it's still August, so I got it in under the wire. And now you won't have to wait long for the September Spiritual Journey gift!

The Bible verse is from the New International Version.

Isaiah 18:4 - This is what the Lord says to me: “I will remain quiet and will look on from my dwelling place, like shimmering heat in the sunshine, like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.”

It's a beautiful verse, perfect for reflecting on this time of year, as summer winds down and we relish all of the wonderful gifts the Lord provides.

The challenge this month is to create something celebrating summer. How has God blessed you this summer? Or has He given you trials to make you stronger? My summer has been a combination of both. He has blessed me time and time again, and when I try to do things my own way, He is slowly taking my stubborn will, and teaching me that he always knows best! I am so grateful for all His patience and for His loving ways!

Here is the preview and link for the August Spiritual Journey Gift :

Link: August Spiritual Journey Gift

If you'd like to show off your beautiful pages, there is a gallery set up at Plain Digital Wrapper:

PDW Spiritual Journey Gallery

I'd love to see your pages and hear any comments you have!

So I hope I made up for not posting in a while with this marathon post! I could promise to be a better blogger, but I don't like to break my promises so...I'll just end with:

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I am off to work in the garden for a bit!


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 31 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Katherine aka Scrap Yard Kath said...

Oh Donna, tell your son not to worry abut the road test. I failed mine three times and didn't get my license till I was 21! First my mom would not let me practice with her car, even tho I took Driver's Ed in HS! Wen I took my first test, it had just began to drizzle and I did not tur my wipers on until after I pulled out from the curb. INSTANT FAIL! Another time I took it on a 'course' where the yellow lines were so faded, i did not see them, FAIL! and another time I showed up in a car and did not have the current insurance card! FAIL! Now in my 40's I am an excellent driver!!

BTW, I love that kitchen!!!