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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Year of the Pea

Every year in my garden, it's a different flower, fruit or vegetable that does really well, and one can never predict what it will be.

Last year we were blessed with many GIANT pumpkins, and lots of delicious butternut squash. This year my butternut squash plants seem to be off to a good start, but the GIANT pumpkin seeds never even sprouted! Maybe I planted them too soon and the ground was too cold. The other variety of field pumpkins are growing so we should have a few mid size, and I just planted some Jack-be-little mini pumpkins which are always cute on the table and in baskets.

But from the looks of the pea plants, I think we'll be having lots of Sugar-Snap peas! crunchy and delicious in salads and wonderful in a stir-fry with some broccoli and chicken over rice or noodles!

Just look at the blossoms on them. Each flower will be a sweet crunchy pod!

But then again, maybe it's the year of the radish. These are the nicest ones I have ever grown. Ususally they get wormholes in them, or it gets hot too quickly and they get all tough and stringy. I added the quarter so you can get an idea of the size!

I am SO happy with the red Knockout Rose bushes I put in near the deck last summer. They are covered with gorgeous blooms, and while these roses don't have the heavy perfume of my Rosa Rugosa bush, the bushes are covered with blooms. They are gorgeous in a jar on my kitchen counter and the flowers have lasted all week long!

Well that's all I got for now - TGIF!!!


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