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Sunday, July 26, 2009

So...I was not looking forward to going appliance shopping yesterday. We had gone to Home Depot and I found a stove I liked, and a fridge to match, but we thought we'd check Lowe's to see the prices and whether there was anything I liked better. It's about a half hour drive, then of course trying to find a sales person to help usually takes another half hour, by the time you actually buy anything the day is shot.

But at the last minute I remembered a place that is closer in Gardner, MA, only about 10 minutes away. So we went for breakfast at the Blue Moon Diner and then around the corner to Stasukelis Appliance. It's a family owned business and I'd rather give my money to them than the big guys anyway! And it's where we ended buying everything! The salesperson was very knowledgeable, and he gave us a fabulous deal on the stove and fridge cause they were clearance items. +A HUGE plus+ - we were able to have it all delivered the same day!

AT Home Depot we would have had to order the items and have them delivered later in the week, meaning I'd have to take time off from work to hang out and wait for the delivery. We had everything up and running by yesterday afternoon, and the old yucky appliances are gone forever - YAYYY!

Here's our new kitchen look!
You can click the picture to see it a bit larger.

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