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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday'sYard Sale Bargains

Here are the bargains that Hank and I snagged at a yard sale yesterday.

First up - this pair of full face helmets for just 5 bucks! For both of them! Hank and I have a couple of 4wheelers, and while we do have (and wear) helmets, they aren't the full face ones, and for $2.50 each, can you beat that?

Next up is this light table - for $2.00. One of the arms that holds the light needs to be fixed, but Hank said he can fix it easily. The black light fixture was a yard sale find from last year ($1.00) I am excited, because this will make it easier to photograph my jewelry and other small items. I had been thinking about buying a light box, but they are SO expensive!

And finally I got this whole box of tools for $1.00! There is a soldering iron with tons of different tips and a controller, and lots of miscellaneous electronics stuff. There's an exacto knife and blades, a tiny file that I will use for smoothing wire, some small drill bits, tiny nails - junk for some people, but a treasure trove to a crafter like myself! I would have paid a dollar for just the two small pairs of pliers, which is what caught my eye, but this woman was moving to Florida and just wanted all this stuff GONE!

So there you have it - total = $8.00, and well spent!

And if you'd like to know how YOU could win a copy of my new Beachy Collab Kit featured in the post below, Check out these threads in the forums at Plain Digital Wrapper or Digishoptalk.

Have a great Summer Sunday!

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