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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rednesday Again!

I'm back for Rednesday again! I think I'm due for a blog background update too - I'm sick of cold and SNOW!

Here's a link back to It's a Very Cherry World, where you can find lots more wonderful red items!

First I thought I'd share my red and rusty garden tools. I have them in a wooden tool tray on a bench by the living room window. they are just sitting and like myself, waiting for SPRING!

I bought these last year at a yard sale for just $1.00 - rust and all.

Looks like this one was chewed by someone's puppy!

I think the peeling red paint adds a bit of character to them!

Next up are these dishes with a red stripe and strawberries on them I {heart} these. They were $8.99 at the SA store and there are only 3 bowls, but I had to have them! Especially since these are my everyday dishes that I got for Christmas, called Corelle Classic Cafe:

I had also picked this strawberry tarte dish at a thrift store for just $2.99 a couple weeks ago. Looks like I'll be having a spring strawberry party!

This square plate was a $2 bargain buy this weekend at an antique shop up in New Hampshire. It's marked "Deruta - Hand Painted in Italy" on the bottom. It reminds me of a western bandana! I have it on the counter now to hold an avocado and some tomatoes on the vine.

But my hands down favorite red find, is this vintage red phone, from the same antique shop. It was $24. and it works! We hardly use the landline phone, so having this vintage beauty is more for show but I just love how this matches my kitchen. And you should hear the bell ringing - such memories! I called it from my cell phone about 10 times, just to hear it ring!

I moved the (ugly) cordless phone to the bedroom!

The ugly brown phone stand has an appointment with some sanding and a can of satin black spray paint by the way. As soon as I find the time!

So that's it for my red items for this week. I can't wait to go and visit all the other posts at  It's a Very Cherry World

Thanks for stopping to visit!


Sandy said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Those strawberry dishes are so darn cute! Love them, but I am seriously wanting that red phone!!!! That is something you do not find very often, if at all! Way to go! Great Rednesday post!

Barbara Jean said...

LOVE your rusty red garden tools!
My kind a gal!


barbara jean

PS Thanks for coming by. =)

Shelley Germann said... you can dial on the rotary phone? I thought that wasn't possible anymore. We have a rather ugly, beige, push-button phone and of course that works. It's in the kids playroom. It has come in handy a few times when the power has been out!

BTW-Your tools are an awesome find! So many together must have made your heart skip a beat!


Love those photos! Blessings!

The Hausfrau said...

Thank you for your visit and sweet comment! All of your red things are so fun (I have been wanting a red dish drainer for a while)--of course, I love that phone!

Candy said...

I love well used garden tools and mine too, are just hanging out waiting...
Great red phone find, I have two like it but mine are boring black.
And the dishes are happy and cheery.
Thanks for your recent visit and hope you come back soon.

SueLovesCherries said...

Oh, how I envy your phone! It's a beauty! I have a few of those Corelle cereal bowls, but I especially like your strawberries set!