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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where have I BEEN?

Why... in the garden of course!

I've also been headed out to yard sales every Saturday, I found lots of goodies to decorate our front deck for the 4th of July:

This red white and blue barrel was $20, which is more than I wanted to pay - but I loved it! I also got the basket full of baseballs for $15 from the same sale. The $2 WN.PL.SH. sign and grain sack are bargains from a while ago. The two jugs were just $1 each!!

This grindstone is another piece I HAD to have! Good thing Hank was with me that day to get into my SUV!! Poor guy...this same day I bought a heavy cement bench and a birdbath, (see above) so he got a workout. He's so good to me.

Lady Liberty

I DID actually find time for a new scrapkit - Sweet Summer Sunshine.

It will be ready for sale's a sneak preview:

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