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Monday, August 30, 2010

Glasses Wordart

Someone at was looking for some wordart to go on a page about getting new glasses so I made up this:

You can click the preview to download it.

And this post was too plain so I had to add a couple pictures of some of my summer flowers and veggies - I am really enjoying my garden this year!

Have a wonderful day!


LifeAsDinkers said...

Hi Donna, what gorgeous veggies and flowers you have! hats off to the gardener. and thanks for sharing you freebie!

Carolyn said...

Thank you for the word art. And the veggies look delicious.
Do you think someone at DigiShop can help me find a shiny gold alpha set (upper, lower, punctuation, and numbers) that I can use in an important project I am creating?

Anonymous said...

thank you for the WA, perfect for my pics

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!