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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Idea #4

I had these four old and chipped frames kicking around, and as I was wondering what to do with them, it occurred to me that "FALL" is a four letter word, LOL!

So I found some fonts I liked, printed the letters out at a large size and made stencils from plastic page protectors. This would be SO easy if you have one of those fancy cricuts or vinyl cutting machines, but I don't have either one so I did it the hard way, with a pair of tiny sharp scissors and lots of patience!

I stenciled the letters onto some squares of canvas from an old drop cloth. then I cut pieces of cardboard to fit the frames and wrapped the stenciled letters around the cardboard, securing with hot glue. They are just tacked in place on the back with a bead of hot glue, so I can take out "FALL" and replace with "NOEL" for Christmas, and maybe even "LOVE" on pink felt for Valentine's Day.

Happy crafting!


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea to reuse old frames. Turned out beautifully.


Crystalnva said...

Please keep sharing ~LUV THIS cause it looks like the things I do myself.I use old frames and old wooden windows also .THANK YOU ;~}