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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Idea #6

I have seen these Pottery Barn inspired lanterns all over blogland, so when I found these two old house lanterns for $3.00 at a thrift store, I snapped them up! They were so gross, and needed a good cleaning before I could paint them. They still had old hornet's nests inside!

 It was a bit of work to get them apart, but I finally did, and here they are, all cleaned up and  ready to go down to the garage for painting with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.

And VOILA! Here are the finished lanterns with some fall leaves and candles inside. I won't be lighting the candles, they're just for decoration. I love the way they look on top of my bookcase!


Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea! I must go and search for that lantern I used to have, hope I didn´t throw it away... and then stuff it with leaves as well, it looks gorgeous!
Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Auntielle said...

What a great idea, and gorgeous end result! Thanks for sharing the idea! :o)

Crystalnva said...

GREAT looking lanterns .I luv treasure hunting THANK YOU for sharing ;~}

BCRocks said...

What a clever idea for "repurposing" and totally gorgeous! Great job.

AngeLikeMe said...

I've gotta find some 2. What was the final finish you put on them? or did the bronze paint dry that dark cuz in the one pic they look gold? beautiful results. thanks for sharing.

Donna Rafferty said...

Hi AngeLikeMe,

Thanks for your comment!

Yes - the lanterns were much lighter before spray painting. The ORB (Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze) is a very dark brown with a metalflake type finish. Wonderful finish!

AngeLikeMe said...

Thanks for answering. Good tip to know. They are just wonderful. You've inspired me to create a spooky mantel next year.