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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blogging from the Airport...

Here I am in Springfield, MO - waiting at the airport, since my flight home is delayed. There is 1/2" of ice coating everything here. I am SO glad to not be driving anymore at least. I had a three hour drive this morning from Mountain Home AR up here, and it was not all that much fun.

My rental car got stuck in the parking lot at McDonald's on the drive to the airport and some very nice gentlemen pushed me out - thank goodness!

All the parking lots and side roads are pure ice - so anyone who lives down here should just stay home if you can! I am just hoping I can get back home sometime today. Not a good time to travel but my stepmom passed away last week and I met my sisters down here to clean out her apartment and take care of the funeral arrangements. Now I am just tired and I want to go home!

It's now it's 4:00ET - I missed my connection to Chicago and they had us get off the plane, since there is at least another 3 hours until we can depart for Chicago....hmmm..wonder which airport I'll be sleeping at?

Home = Massachusetts!

I hear the weather in Boston is going to be unpleasant as well, if I ever get there!

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