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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Home at Last!

Finally - I dragged myself into bed at 4AM this morning - Ugh! My flight to Bostson was supposed to land at midnight, but they kept us circling over the airport until 1:00 beacause of the snow on the runway. Here is what it looked like from my window:


Then it was 2:00 til I got my luggage and bus to the parking lot. 2 hours to drive home on snowy roads and trying not to fall asleep. My bed never felt so good!
I'll leave you with some photos I took from the plane on the trip down Saturday afternoon. These were taken with my Canon Powershot A75. I am not sure which lakes or river this is...but it's somplace close to Springfield, MO, which is where I landed. Beautiful!

I'll post some pages later with photos of my stepmom. Her name is Linda. She married my Dad when I was 3 1/2, and growing up she was always a mother to me. Yes, we had our differences, especially when I was a teenager. But I loved her dearly and now I am very sad that she is gone.
*Love you*Mom.

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