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Thursday, March 27, 2008


OK if anyone is even interested, here is the contents of my grab bags at Plain Digital Wrapper.

The scoop is you can buy one bag for 50 cents, or all 4 for $2.00. The other designers have tons of bags to mix an match also.

Each of my bags has two items as listed on the previews in the store.

Plus all my other stuff is 20% off.

The contents have been leaked all over at the Digismack blog anyway, and I must add that some hurtful and mean comments have been made there.

To top it all off, I just got home from having a root canal. Ouch. The first of two appointments. So I am am very sore, very tired and SO not looking forward to going back next week.

So here are the previews:

And a link to the store:

Plain Digital Wrapper


Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

These are all really cute! Thanks for sharing the previews!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the previews....I admit I go to the DigiSmak blog but ignore the comments. You just can't make some people happy. There have been constructive comments there but most often the comments don't matter or make sense. Don't let it bother you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Ever After and How Sweet It Is! Grabbed them as soon as I saw them on *that* blog!


Anonymous said...

Donna -- where are those Krafty Borders -- I've looked all through the store & can't find them. They're adorable!

Donna Rafferty said...

Thank you 5:07pm - they're in with the Wedding Whites grab bag.

You get both the Wedding Whites papers and the Krafty Borders for 50 cents!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Donna -- back to the shop again!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought I had them all but I stil need a couple more so off I go to look again! Love em!