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Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm in garden mode...

I just love being out in the garden this time of year.

* * * Feeling the warm sun. * * *

* * *Listening to the birds. * * *

* * *Seeing new plants spring to life. * * *

I picked up some new plants at a church plant sale a couple weeks ago. These are all planted and now I have a new tray full from my favorite garden store waiting to go in the ground, along with all the seedlings I've been nursing along.

Credits: Background, Garden stamp, and tag from my new kit - Vintage Greenhouse. Coming soon
to Plain Digital Wrapper.

Frames are from Spiffy Frames, Staples from The Good Earth Garden, Tags from Flea Market Garden.
(can you tell I love to garden LOL?) Dried flowers from Weeds & Wildflowers.
Fonts are CK Alis_Writing, Susie's Hand and Rough Draft.

I bought all these wonderful plants from a sale at the church down the road. The total was only $14.
Plants are: Hens & Chicks, Phlox, Virginia Bluebells, Lady's Mantle, Sweet Woodruff, and some Ivy in a Planter.

It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend, so I'll have to get some shots of how the garden's coming along. Behind the hot tub, I have started a grass garden with a variety of grasses, from short to tall. I can't wait to see this grow throughout the summer! One variety of grass is called Fiber Optic and has little ball-like flowers on the ends. I'll try to post a shot of it over the weekend. I also picked up some scented herbs to put in a big pot - Pineapple Sage, Lemon Grass French Lavender and some variegated Sage...Mmmm...they all smell lovely!

I picked up ribs, shrimp, corn on the cob, and veggies for the grill, along with the usual hamburgs and our *favorite* RED hotdogs - so we'll be hanging outside most of the weekend! Great way to kick off into summer!

We went to a 50th birthday party a few weeeks ago and I took a few photos. Here's one I scrapped of my husband's friend (the birthday boy) and his wife. Aren't they a lovely couple!

Credits: Background is by Viviane,
Frame by Phuong Ton, Pton Designs.
Jeweled flower is from Gunhild Storeide.
Rose by Julie Olree - Family History Kit.
Eiffel Towere tag by Zazou - Avec Amore Kit - ScrapArtist.
Paint Smear, Antique Mat, Heart and Antique Key by Michelle Coleman.
Love Paint Stamp by KSharonKDesigns. Fancy Overlay by Doris Castle.
Font is Pea Monica

Last of all - here is my newest release at Plain Digital Wrapper ~ Vintage Greenhouse~

It's my pick for Friday Favorites, so you can grab it for $2.00 today only!

Here's a link:

Vintage Greenhouse

That's all for now - off to work - SO glad it's FRIDAY!! Hurrah for long weekends!

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