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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This post is brought to you by the letter "G"

For Graduations...and Green and Gardens!

I have a couple LO's with shots of my garden to share - and also a couple pages of my son's graduation along with a *freebie*

I used lots of green in all of these. It's so nice to see everything in our yard turning green and growing. Hree's a shot of a planter filled with scented herbs. All I need to do is walk by, brush my fingers over the plants and breathe in for a delicious medley of pineapple, lemon and lavender...Mmmmm!

Credits: Frame is by Kim Broedelet(Kimb's designs)
Crumpled background by Debra Tope.
Paper labels by Helena Jole and Anne DeJong.
Stitches by Lisa Whitney. Leaf Cluster is from my kit, Vintage Greenhouse,
available at
Plain Digital Wrapper

Fonts are CK_Ali's Writing, Susies Hand and Courier New.

Here's another shot of the herb garden. I have pink foxgloves planted around the trellis, and once they grow in and have flowers, this will be SO pretty! You can see the corner of our hot tub behind - so when we are sitting in the tub we are looking out into this lovely garden.

Credits: Frame is by Kim Broedelet(Kimb's designs)
Crumpled background by Debra Tope.
Stitching by Melissa Herzog. Flower border by Amy Cheeseman.
Skeleton leaf by by Nanine -
Bird Tag by KSC - Scrapgirls. Leaf is from my kit - Vintage Greenhouse
available at
Plain Digital Wrapper

Font is CK_Ali's Writing

My youngest son, Brian graduated from High School last Sunday. I am SO proud of him. I wasn't so sure he'd make it this year...he barely passed English - but he did do it, and got his diploma! GO BRIAN!

Credits: Background and tags by Jen Wilson.
Frame by Phuong Ton - Pton Designs
Seal-it Stamp by Lauren Reid.

Here is a shot of both boys - Henry's HS Graduation was 4 years ago. He has 1 more semester to go for college in the fall before he earns his Batchelors degree in Biology from UMASS. GO HENRY!

Credits: Background and Butterfly from DDE May Idea Notebook by Gina Cabrera.
Ivy border is a *SNEAK PREVIEW* from my new grab bag - coming soon to Plain Digital Wrapper
Leaves from Amanda Rockwell - Calm Jungle.
Note from Carol Abram - Notes from my Therapist.
Folded Paper scrap by Vera Lim.
Stars by Happy Scrap Girl(glitter)
and KAagard (white painted).

Fonts are Euphorigenic, Brittanic Bold, CK Scratchy Box and CK Alis_Writing.

I am SO proud of both these guys! To share my excitement, I made a freebie for all the grads and parents out there...

Here's a preview - it's a 2008 graduation tassel. There are 2 png files, with & without shadow, a frame with the tassel (all in green only) and a layered psd file if you'd like to play around and change up the color.

Enjoy - and Congratulations! to all the graduates and parents of graduates!



Debbie said...

Thank you Donna and congrats to your son! Mine graduates this Saturday and the tassles will come in handy for my layouts!

StarSraps said...

Beautiful Lo's and TY for the freebie!

GrannyNKy said...

Your layouts are so pretty! I am so envious of your beautiful garden! Thank you so much for the tassels! My oldest Grandson graduated last Sunday!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Yay for both Brian and Henry. Yor sons are so handsome and I can tell how proud of them you are. ;)

Thanks you for the lovely tassles and for also including the PSD file. It is really great!


Addicted2Scrappin' said...

Thanks Donna!!! I went back to school and I'm graduating this semester!!! So I'm just loving these tassels!!

Jeanann said...

Thanks so much. My son graduated this morning and this will definitely come in handy!

jburkhart said...

Thank you very daughter just graduated middle school on Monday and this is perfect!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much!
Wonderful layouts!
Congratulations to your son.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! My nephew just graduated this year too! This will be perfect for his page! And congrats to your son! :) -k