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Sunday, November 02, 2008

DSD Goodies!

SOOO...yesterday was DSD - Digital Scrapbooking Day! There were sales, contests and freebies galore. I hope everyone who is a DS'er got lots of new toys!

Damage to my Paypal account was $40.64 - Not bad for all the new goodies now residing on my overcrowded hard drive!

Here's just some of what I got. I am way too lazy to link them all up for you, but if you need to know where to get these, leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I'll get back to you.

New scrapping goodies:

Grab Bags:

Commercial use goodies:

These below were freebies - A BIG thank you to everyone who shared their talents and hard work!

YEP - I spent WAAAAaY to much time on the computer LOL! BUT I did manage to put away all the halloween decorations yesterday, I vacuumed and washed the floors, sprayed and washed the countertops and put out the cranberry & TURKEY decorations! I'll have to take some shots to show the new fall decor. Only a month 'til the Christmas changeover, it though!
Oh....and I made a HUGE pot of soup yesterday. When Hank & my nephew Greg came in at dark from hunting, they were more than happy to gobble up a few bowls of steamy goodness! Overall it was a fun and productive day!

And if you are still out there shopping, all the goodies in my shop are still priced @ $1.50 each. The sale will continue through today. So if you missed all the shopping yesterday, there's still time to grab some GREAT deals!
Here' a link for anyone still shopping:

Pixel Mischief at Plain Digital Wrapper

Here's a couple pages made by a special scrapper ~ 4PeasinmyPod ~ with my Halloween kits:

She has posted them HERE if you'd like to leave her a comment!

Happy Scrapping everyone!

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