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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ATC Challenge!

Starting October 1st at Plain Digital Wrapper!

This is a brand new challenge at PDW hosted by Linda Alexis! You can all learn about the *new* craze called Artist Trading Cards (ATC's.)

Although not really new, they have a long history dating back to the Victorian Era of making your own cards. Today they can range from anything random to actual invitations using digital scrapping techniques of course! Many artists used to use them as miniature versions of their own art and handed them out as "calling cards" or business cards. They are beginning to do this again!

They are making a huge comeback and it's totally AWESOME!

Linda will be providing more information as it unfolds but I can tell you to get excited because it will absolutely begin on October 1st!

Each month there will be a theme and prizes to be won and tons of information on how to do this!

Linda will toss out a little teaser and say that the theme will be a bit "spooky" and "hauntingly wicked."

So start collecting all your goodies and bookmark the page in the forum at PDW (click the ad above) so that you can find it easily to keep updated on her next post which will have ALL the details.

I hope you will join us in the fun and putting ATC's on the MAP!

Line up and tell all your friends - We cannot WAIT to see all the wicked designs!

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