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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stark Raving Bead Crazy!!

I snagged another huge bag of vintage beads and jewelry for just $12 at another church fair last weekend. This was followed by a trip up to Keene, NH, where I picked up a few more items.

Here's what's in the bag - all laid out...these are the pieces I'll take apart for new designs:

The one in the uppermost left corner is the one I took apart and used for the Autmn Owl and Early Autumn Glow projects.

These next three pieces, I just like too much, so I'll wear them as is. The long orange strand is actually made from buttons and tiny gold beads. This must have taken hours to make!

The other is a three strand rainbow of glass beads on a vintage metal chain. I think this piece was $4.00 of the $12 I spent, and I just love the gorgeous colors!

Here's a close shot of the vintage pink pearl and silver bracelet. It's only costume jewelry, but SO pretty!

OK - I did get some projects done, so let's take a look!

Fall Fiesta

Here are the beads in a tray waiting to be assembled. I posted about these beads in an earlier post, all plastic and from Micheal's Crafts.

I added these square glass beads that I picked up at Earth Treasures up in New Hampshire last weekend:

The clasp is made from hammered copper wire, and from end to end the whole thing is 36" long!

I also made a bracelet to match:

I have this shirt to wear it with - pretty gaudy - but I LOVE it!
Autumn Owl

Here's the tray with the items for the owl project, followed by a picture of the finished project. I ended up using some vintage plastic beads from one of my church fair finds. I strung the beads asymmetrically and then finished it off with a length of vintage brass chain.

Early Autumn Glow

For this, I only used the shimmering green beads from the tray below. The other items are plastic vintage beads and pearls from a church fair bargain. Also added in are a few bicone crystals in a gorgeous copper AB finish. I simply added the beads in a random order to a piece of memory wire - so simple!

The earrings have some glass AB -finish maple leaves that I grabbed at Earth Treasures added to the bottom.

Retro Halloween

Love these crochet black beads!

The ends tie together with a short length of ultra soft black suede.

Crystal and Copper

For this, I wanted to experiment with some very heavy (10?) gauge copper wire that I bought at Home Depot. I rolled a piece into a circle and then hammered it flat to make the metal pendant. Then I wired on some copper AB-finished crystals and strung it with some large seed beads.

Added a hammered copper clasp and voila! It is much more sparkly than it shows in either photo.

Ah - I could play with beads and wire all day!

Oh, and I did go back to Micheal's to use that 50% off coupon. BUT I was good and only bought one thing! I know...I can hardly believe it myself!!

Whew - that was a long post! I hope you've enjoyed seeing my projects and I hope you're inspired to make some of your own.

If you do, leave me a comment and a link, I love to see all kinds crafty things!

Have a great evening!

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Cre8tvlyyrsGina said...

Wow Donna! I love all those!! It's crazy but I have a huge stash of old jewelry that I've been wanting to make new pieces with too! Are you gonna start selling some jewelry? You should...your stuff is fabulous!!