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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Photo Decor

is now ready for $ale!!

You can get it for 20% off for the first few days.
Photo Decor - Whether you are a seasoned photographer, digital scrapbook hobbyist, or new to photography and looking for ways to enhance your photos – these accessories were created for YOU!

Purchase price ($4.99 - Now $3.99) includes licensing for photographers to use the package to enhance client photos for sale as flattened files or prints. Get stunning results on wedding and maternity shoots! Be sure to check out the detailed images for examples. This guide gives you some tips and techniques for using the items. Examples are included with the set shown so you can see for yourself how versatile they are.

Photo Actions - 5 different actions included to give your photos special effects - from a vintage feel to a modern, acid washed appearance. Each action makes a copy of the original photo before altering. Try running multiple actions on the same photo for even more creative looks! Actions have been tested to work in Photoshop Versions 7.0 to CS4, and PS Elements 7 and may or may not work in other programs. An installation and tips guide is included in the set.

Frames – Use these as is to show off your photos for portfolios, or on blogs and websites. Or mix them with textures and overlays for your own special look. Add them to digital scrapbook pages. Print the enhanced photos at home or at your favorite photo lab.

Textures – Adding textures to your photos can produce some amazing effects! Try different blend modes, erase parts of the textures to let the photo show through. Mix different textures to create your own look.

Overlays – Use the overlays and shaded vignettes in different colors and blend modes for endless effects. In Photoshop, select Edit - Fill, to fill the overlay with the foreground color you have selected in your dialog box in the drop down menu.

The textures and overlays come in preset sizes of 4X6, 5X7, and 8X10 to make sizing for all your photos easy as pie. Once you start mixing and matching - the creative possibilities are endless!


· 5 Photo Actions - Delicate Vintage, Old Vintage, Color Pop, Acid Washed and Toasty Burnt
· 6 different Photo Textures
· 5 different Photo Frames - including Airmail "stamp"
· 1 Three-Section Storyboard
· Overlay Vignette in Dark and Light
· Folded Overlay
· Floral Frame
· Vintage Photo Mat

Here's a look:
Frames, Textures, Overlays: (The image below is linked to the product)

And some examples of what you can do with it:

Here are some more amazing examples...

These two were made by Annette Wood:

And these were made by


After running Olde Vintage Action

What great photos and samples ~ Thank you!

I also have a six-pack of shiny new Autumn Glitters backgrounds - on special for just $2.00 for a limited time!

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