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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Something beaded this way comes...

Ok I'll admit it, I am totally obsessed with buying beads!!!

Here are some that I have scored in the past two weeks. These are almost all from Michaels crafts, or the flea market at my local church - so at least the money I spent there goes for a good cause. Michaels Crafts - they just added a whole new bead section to the one near me - I need to stay away, LOL!

I love the stone cross in this first collection - but not so much the way it's paired with the leather cord and green/blue beads, so it will be re-created. The green lime green bracelet has beads that sparkle with a hint of gold and orange. You can't really tell from the photo but they are really nice.

The two square beads I have already taken off a dark brown leather cord. The smaller one is a mottled ceramic with blue and brown speckles - very cute. The larger one is aqua glass, it kinda looks like sea glass.

The owl charm and candy corn colored stone beads are from Michaels. The bracelet with glass and gold beads is from the church flea market and will be taken apart and re-used for a necklace. Check out the awesome price!

Ok these beads actually came from an antique shop - The ones on the left I snatched for $5.00, you can't tell from the picture but that strand is over 4 ft long! The ones in the bag were on special at the same shop - 2/$1.00 - so I grabbed a bunch of vintage plastic strands. This one I already took apart and the colors match the long strand perfectly.

More from the church at $1.00 per strand...all beautiful fall colors! And check out those ivory colored bones and giant seeds!

These are all from Micheals. They are all plastic, but I love the way the colors and patterns go together! The patterned ones are Blue Moon beads and the round glowing ones are from Fresh.

And lastly, another bunch from Micheals and the church. The larger black ones are some oh-so-neat crocheted beads that I removed from a bracelet bought at the church. It was pretty ugly. (Just these three beads and some small brown wooden tubes that I'll use for another project I'm sure)
The orange beads and black squares are both made of stone and are from Michaels, made by Blue Moon beads.

And of course at Micheals I got a coupon for 50% off to use next week.
Really - do I need to back and use it?

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SharonP said...

Oh, I think you should! No need to waste a perfectly good 50% off coupon with all those lovely beads waiting to be strung!